Thursday, May 22, 2014

"I Know My Rights!" JRealty's Approach to Tenant Experience & Communication

Every so often, we run into unpleasant situations that can be fueled by frustration, stress, and miscommunication. Tenants may find themselves in a position where they have a security deposit deduction when they were not expecting it or perhaps may be inconvenienced by some prolonged maintenance in their home. It is not common, but there have been a few times when JRealty staff hear the phrase, "I know my rights!" from a tenant. 

Tenants do not use this phrase when they are happy. Tenants use this phrase when they are upset. At JRealty we take a strong stance for reasonableness, fairness, and legal requirements. As a company, we do our best to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively with all parties. This includes landlords, vendors, and tenants.

We do not live in a perfect world; at times mistakes are made. The good news is that JRealty staff, as a whole and individually, are quick to recognize when we have made an error and are prompt to apologize, correct the problem, and work towards preventing it from happening again. 

In an effort to minimize dissatisfaction and friction with our tenants, JRealty makes ongoing attempts to listen to our tenants and provide a pleasant experience. Whether it be a phone call, an email, or a maintenance repair; our goal is to have our tenants are enjoy their tenancy.